Hello, Reader. If you perchance stumbled on this website, let me be the first to tell you, “HELLO, AND WELCOME TO OUR GLORIOUS WEBSITE!” exactly like I just did, in all caps. Probably, if you can imagine it, some doves flew out of your monitor and pixelated pyrotechnics lit off at the periphery of the page. Maybe some dolphins made an appearance. Who even knows; what day is it?

Anyway, this site, Cut Paste Print, is run by a few friends who once fancied the idea of writing reviews. Now we post reviews of movies, music, video games, and all sorts of different things for you to read and see.

On the Ratings System:

You might have noticed that we don’t generally use stars, percentages, thumbs, scores out of 100, or two-digit-scores out of 10 to rate things. Instead, we use a “Cut” “Print” and “Paste” rating. It’s a gimmick; deal with it. Here’s how the ratings work:

Cut: Bad-to mediocre. The work is bad and the creator should feel bad.

Paste: Generally good, but up to debate. A work labeled “Paste” can be anywhere from “mediocre but entertaining” to “very good with a few reservations.”

Print: Fantastic. This work is absolute gold, and worth recommend in every case.


Want to keep up-to-date on new reviews and website happenings? What if you want to complain about something, make a comment to us directly, suggest an item to be reviewed, or simply harass DSBwizzardscall? We love to hear from you! All members of the Cut, Paste, Print! team can be reached via these resources:

E-Mail: CutPastePrintReviews@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/CutPastePrint

Twitter: @CPP_Reviews


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