Free form Fridays: the Book vs. the Movie

Oh boy, every time we do a Free Form it’s a bad idea.. but here goes.

When it comes to movies based off of books, there are two major types of people:

Type of person # 1

Type of person # 1

Type of person #2

Type of person #2

So obviously, there’s a lot of differing opinions when it comes to movies based on books, and that’s fine. HOWEVER, I do have a problem with one major aspect of adapting books: plot holes.

For instance, and I’m genuinely sorry to all Ringers, but THE EAGLES. In the movie they’re basically the epitome of Deus Ex Machina. “Oh no, we’re in a scrape and there’s no way we can get out! BUT WAIT, eagles!”

OpinionI know exactly what everyone is thinking now, because I can read minds through the power of predictability. “It explains it in the book!” Except this isn’t the book. This is the movie. You see, when adapting books, screenwriters have to work and make sure that the movie does justice to the book, but sometimes they leave out important parts, and that creates the phenomena known as plot holes.Here’s where my issue comes in.

This isn’t the book. This is the movie.

Recently we did a review on Divergent where I generally said it sucked and wasn’t as cool as a lot of people were making it out to be (seriously. Check it out here). Well thanks to that little review, I got a lot of people messaging me saying “but did you read the book??”

No, no I did not.

See, that’s a point of adaptations. They adapt the plot, characters, twists, ideas, themes, etc into a different medium. It’s like translating from one language into another.

Now, how would you feel if you went to France, couldn’t speak a word of French, and your tour guide kept saying things like “oh man, I would translate what this guy just said, but you’d need a working knowledge of French before you could understand the English translation.”

Seriously 2Frankly, if I’m watching the movie it’s because I WANT TO WATCH A MOVIE, not because I wanna read the book first.

Now I will say that adapting everything is hard. Heck, that’s why we still have books and not just movie versions. Now if all you mad Tolkien fans got to this point without throwing your computer across the room, congratulations, here’s a little secret: Yes, I have read the books. And yes, reading the books really helps you understand Middle-earth far more than a 23048923 hour movie trilogy can. But, I shouldn’t have to read the book, because the movie is supposed to explain everything I need to know.

Alright, so what does this have to do with you? Nothing really. It mainly has to do with screenwriters and such. But can we just stop allowing “it explains it better in the book” to be a free pass for “yea, the Hollywood people really didn’t do their jobs”? Because until we stop accepting gaping plot issues as normal, it’s really not gunna get any better.

Good choices


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