Free Form Fridays Hamatio Response

I am an assertive person. I realize this. When it comes to opinions that I hold, I do not propose them or offer them, I do not equivocate or add disclaimers. I state. This is especially true when it comes to opinion pieces or reviews. As an interpretation the words I write are strictly opinion, and I find it a meaningless exercise to water it down.

That being said, I do need to watch my tone when I am asserting my opinions, as a sarcastic and flippant attitude, when added to assertive statements, often comes across as aggressive. Which is simply not the intention in a piece like this. The last West Wing gif in particular was a bad choice in a poor attempt at a reference joke. Of the entirety of the almost 2000 word post, that is the one part I regret using the most.

So, in an attempt to atone for my poor choice in tone in Friday’s review, I am breaking my cardinal rule and providing the internet with a disclaimer. I am a reviewer, and an opinionated one at that. What I say is strictly an opinion, and, believe it or not, the opinions I state will be ones that I believe in. And while I will still be asserting my opinions in my reviews, I want to clarify that they are simply that: Opinions. I may not agree with your interpretations, and that is ok. The nature of literature (good literature especially) is that it is open to varying views.

And I welcome that. In the wake of the Free Form Fiasco, I received some intelligent feedback that has thoughtfully defended the fandom which I have so thoroughly offended. These responses have been fascinating for me to read, and have caused me to want to reread Hamlet and try again to see their point of view. I am not sure I will ever agree fully, and my concerns are still standing, but for now I am at least intrigued. Which, when debating a topic, is the best possible option. So I tell you, the people of the internet, to assert your opinions as well. Don’t be offended by an opposing opinion, but challenge it. That way we might truly have a discussion.

In closing, the Hamatio review will remain posted, unedited, on CPP. I said what I said in a public forum, and no matter how reckless and inexcusable the choice in tone was, I do believe in facing the consequences of my decisions. However, the comments on that post will be closed from now on. You may read it, but consider this my apology, not for the argument, but for the tone. I hope this will be enough, and that we may continue with Series of Unfortunate Events Month as scheduled with less mistakes on my part.

Thank you,



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